Ohio notebook: Want to be healthier? Get more sleep

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am a producer with USA TODAY NETWORK-Ohio. Here are 10 stories that intrigued me at work today.

Want to be healthier, Greater Cincinnati? Get more sleep

Damschroder Column: Ohio’s economy is the key political issue

Primary challenge to President Trump? John Kasich doesn’t have an answer yet

`To Paul, For whom I wish a great future.’ King lives on in 1964 message to Paul Booth

This is the city most like Cincinnati, according to the New York Times

Bill Burr says internet killed music and saved comedy; then says a lot more

Police investigate reports of ‘zombie’ raccoons

Concerts: Keith Urban to play at Blossom in August

Opioid epedeic proclamation

Dick Martin: Some suggestions for your fishing expeditions

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