Ohio links: Bill Cosby photo removed from Newark theater gallery and 9 other stories

bill cosby

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am a producer with USA TODAY NETWORK-Ohio. Here are 10 stories that intrigued me at work today.

Bill Cosby photo removed from Ohio theater gallery

Kings Island: 7 events to check out at the park this year

Ohio speaker, under FBI investigation, thought Disney might move to Cincy. He was wrong

How do I vote in Ohio’s May 8 primary election?

Cincinnati sees a 46% drop in shootings. Why? Tech and no more ‘zero tolerance’ approach

Ohio Democratic Chairman failed at voting this week, hopes others learn from his mistake

This businessman entered politics to help Trump. Now Trump is backing his opponent

Doctor calls it a ‘fad.’ But U.S. Senate candidate says it’s addiction treatment

Kirkersville looking to increase hours for police chief with checkered past

Autism program hopes to expand with move to downtown Newark

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