Author: Arizona evolution debate not about Creationism, but bad science

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The Arizona Department of Education made headlines recently when the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas, announced they are looking at making changes to school science standards including removing or altering references to evolution. The proposed changes, according to Douglas, are due to the fact that parts of evolution are only theory. Dr. F. LaGard Smith, author of the new book “Darwin’s Secret Sex Problem: Exposing Evolution’s Fatal Flaw—The Origin of Sex”, says the uproar from evolutionists is no surprise.

“The evolutionists scream— ‘You can’t challenge evolution in the classroom, because that would violate the separation of church and state!’ —even though the superintendent is not saying they will introduce biblical creationism or even Intelligent Design,” says Smith. “Evolutionists should understand that Christianity’s belief system is not their greatest threat. It’s actually science itself. There’s already a hush-hush open secret among scientists: the quietly acknowledged ‘Queen of evolutionary problems’—the origin of sex—which, after countless studies, stubbornly defies evolutionary explanation.”

And it’s not just the origin of sexual reproduction. Smith’s research for “Darwin’s Secret Sex Problem” led him to conclude that natural selection could not possibly have provided simultaneous, on-time delivery of the first compatible male/female pair of each of millions of sexually-unique species, without which, Smith says, “evolution’s bedrock thesis of microbe-to-man common descent is not science, but science fiction.”

“Given the unique nature of gendered, sexual meiosis compared with non-gendered, asexual mitosis,” Smith explains, “the first-ever generation of sexual reproduction would have required 1) a never-before-seen male organism and a novel female organism, 2) magically having compatible chromosomes, and 3) a death-defying process of precisely halving their chromosomes, mixing them together in a revolutionary way, and then recombining to produce, not a clone (as in asexual replication), but a unique offspring unlike any on the planet. Not to mention the minor details of geographic proximity and an evolved instinct to mate—all absolutely required in Round One of sex to start the sexual ball rolling.”

An author of over 30 books, Smith is best known as the compiler and narrator of “The Daily Bible”, which has sold over two million copies. But Smith says it was not his faith that was the catalyst for the book’s thesis.

“As a believer, I’m naturally concerned about the moral and spiritual implications of any explanation for the existence of life that does not need God or heed God. The theory of microbe-to-man evolution is inherently godless, providing no foundation for either morality, social justice, or an afterlife for the soul. But it was not those concerns that ultimately prompted the writing of this particular book. Rather, it was what I sensed to be a fundamental problem with evolution science that led me into deeply researching its fatal flaw—namely, evolution’s inability to explain the origin of sex.”

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