RoleCoin is the ‘pay-it-forward’ payment coin for education

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RoleCoin, a Malta-based subsidiary of STEAMRole, the skill and career development mobile app that showcases inspirational videos and skill roadmaps from professionals with successful careers in STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art/design and mathematics) announced the development of the RoleCoin utility token. RoleCoin uses the Stellar blockchain to add gamification and rewards to the STEAMRole app and brings transparency to the more than $100 billion spent annually to train the workforce of the future via its Proof-of-Progress Protocol and accompanying Dashboard.

There is a huge skills and opportunity gap. There aren’t enough qualified workers to fill the needs of top companies. To stimulate the development of STEM/STEAM talent, RoleCoin’s proof-of-progress protocol and dashboard makes progress transparent by reporting progress to prior owners of each RoleCoin. Poof-of-Progress brings transparency to the more than $100 billion invested annually into STEM/STEAM related training initiatives to prepare the workforce of the future. RoleCoin is a utility token that incentivizes the workforce of the future to gain the skills they need by fueling aspiring young professionals, top STEAM role models, the companies that hire them, and the organizations that support them. Students and aspiring professionals earn RoleCoin by making education and career progress. Foundations, impact investors and philanthropists gift RoleCoin to help others make progress.

Self-directed learners worldwide can spend RoleCoin on their education and career development. Over 100 colleges and universities worldwide are slated to accept RoleCoin.

“The economy of tomorrow will require workers to have both a strong technical background and the ability to creatively problem solve,” says Jordan Hochenbaum, Kadenze co-founder and COO. “STEAM education provides a foundation by marrying soft skills and creative reasoning with technical and hard skills, preparing individuals to tackle these types of challenges. We’ve spent the last few years building the very best platform and partnerships to deliver STEAM education at scale, and with this new partnership, Kadenze and STEAMRole are making historic progress toward preparing the workforce of the future.”

RoleCoin gets students and aspiring professionals direct access to inspirational STEM/STEAM role models from top companies such as HP, an early STEAMRole partner, via the STEAMRole mobile app.

Lesley Slaton Brown, Chief Diversity Officer at Hewlett-Packard, said the company was very excited about getting involved in “empowering creators, designers, innovators, engineers and technologists.” The way the role models communicate with Steamers goes beyond general motivation, she added: “They get a sense of what to do, what day-to-day tasks entail—everything from compensation and mentorship, to what to expect on the job.”

STEAMRole and RoleCoin founder Clarence Wooten, a successful serial entrepreneur, sees his company as a calling to help the workforce of the future discover whom they can become, and how to get there.

“The global talent shortage requires all hands on deck so it is equally important that career development exposure and funding for skills training makes its way to underserved populations of students of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. RoleCoin provides the way. By making progress transparent via our Proof-of-Progress Protocol, RoleCoin has the potential to become the standard for STEM/STEAM education and career development philanthropy” said Wooten.

Wooten has had multiple successful exits, his most recent startup, Progressly, was acquired by Box (NYSE: BOX) and earlier in his career, ImageCafe was acquired by to Network Solutions/VeriSign for $23 Million dollars. RoleCoin recently won blockchain startup pitches at The Blockchain Developer Conference and at The Token Valley Pitch competition. The project and has a growing community of supporters who believe in the mission and the need for transparency in STEAM impact investments.

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