THE DAILY PUGH: Good small groups rock, Mr. Steelers fan, Snoop loves hockey, mac and cheese fun


Had a good night on Sunday.

Two couples from our church’s small group, shown above, are leaving to start their own small group.

That’s a great thing.

Small groups are a great place to connect and grow spiritually. But healthy small groups don’t keep the encouragement to themselves. They start more small groups to encourage others.

My family is fortunate to be part of a church that understands how to grow through small groups.

REGGIE JACKSON AND THE STEELERS – Legendary New York Yankees slugger Reggie Jackson is a big Steelers fan and a smart one when it comes to Antonio Brown.

SNOOP LOVES HOCKEY – Rapper Snoop Dog is falling in love with the NHL. And that’s a good thing.

MAC AND CHEESE FOR LIFE – 27 pounds of mac and cheese? Sign me up!


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