As an Amazon Prime member, I get offers for discounts.

And as a cheapskate, I like to take advantage of them.

My car is in the shop this week, so I was looking for something different for lunch, so a $12 off an order at Amazon Restaurants caught my eye.

$12 off?

Sounds great.

I first thought I could eat like a king.

But like everything else in life, there’s a catch.

And with Amazon Restaurants, there are several.

First, the minimum order is $10. When I was home alone, like yesterday, that’s a lot of food to order.

Second, delivery costs are expensive. I chose a sub and breadsticks at Donatos Pizza, which is about two miles from my home. The charge was $2.99, but everything else was $5 and $6. In addition, you’re also socked with a minimum $5 tip.

So I still paid $8 for a lunch where I got $12 off.

Not terrible, but if I order today, the not terrible $8 deal turns into an obscene $20 charge.

There were some nice things. The site tracks when your order is coming, so I didn’t have to wait by the door. And the driver was super friendly.

I see some value in Amazon Restaurants, but not enough to use on a regular basis.

Want to try it for yourself? Check it out here.

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