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NFC Championship meant major controversy |Photoshop of the Year? | Remember “Heaven Can’t Wait” | Tony Romo does it again| Deals on Super Bowl tickets

NFC Championship meant major controversy

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This no call in yesterday’s NFC Championship cost the New Orleans Saints a shot at the Super Bowl. There needs to be more consistency in NFL officiating.

Photoshop of the year?

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After the Rams won the game on the controversial call, star running back Todd Gurley shared a Photoshopped picture that rubbed more salt in the wounds of Saints fans.

Remember “Heaven Can Wait?”

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The movie depicts a Los Angeles Rams quarterback with the No. 16 who made the Super Bowl. Interesting coincidence.

Tony Romo does it again

He goes a little crazy at times, but former Dallas Cowboy and CBS broadcaster Tony Romo has a knack for calling plays exactly right BEFORE they happen.

Deals on Super Bowl tickets?

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There’s not a lot of initial excitement over a Rams-Patriots Super Bowl.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Photos from Twitter and advertisement screen captures.

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