THE DAILY PUGH: Super Wolf Blood Moon, John Hagee, Conan O’Brien, Brian Bosworth, Bernie Kosar, cold-weather shorts and man caves

In this edition 

Raging of the moon? |Teasing John Hagee| Critiquing Conan| OU and the U meet in Columbus| Dudes wearing shorts in the winter | Man cave idea

Raging of the moon?

Last night’s Super Wolf Blood Moon was impressive

Teasing John Hagee

Evangelist John Hagee has been outspoken about what the Blood Red Moon means for Biblical prophecy. That’s what makes this tweet from Pastor Ed Stetzer really funny.

Critiquing Conan

Love “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast, but find his interactions with his assistant and producer a lot more interesting than the celebrity interviews.

OU and the U meet in Columbus

Bernie Kosar AND Brian Bosworth in Columbus? The 1980s college football fan in me is in awe.

Dudes wearing shorts in winter

You’ve seen them: those stubborn guys who refuse to dress appropriately for the weather. We attempt to understand their ‘reasoning.’

Can’t figure out why men wear shorts in freezing weather. This article takes a look at why this happens.

Man cave idea

You can buy old road signs in central Ohio.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Photos from Twitter and advertisement screen captures.

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