(Gatehouse Media) — GateHouse Media, LLC has been selected to work with the Google News Initiative, Local Media Association and FTI Consulting as part of the recently announced Digital Subscriptions Lab.

This ambitious, intensive project will take place over the course of six months. The goal is to develop a sustainable and thriving business model built on a foundation of digital subscriptions.

“We are thrilled to be among a select group of publishing companies chosen to participate in the Google Subscriptions Lab initiative,” said GateHouse CEO Kirk Davis. “This opportunity paves the way for us to advance our expertise in applying data, content, technology, and marketing strategies to optimize our digital subscription path. Developing a thriving digital model to showcase the amazing work being done
by our journalists across the United States is essential to preserving the vitality and viability of our local journalism.”

The dedication of both time and resources to this initiative reflects GateHouse’s devotion to journalism with impact and commitment to creating a vibrant landscape of local news for generations to come.

GateHouse expects this partnership to be influential and transformative for the future of news.

“It is critically important to continue to grow our digital subscription business, and there is no better way to do that than to work with Google Subscription Lab partners and other publishers,” said Jeff Moriarty, GateHouse SVP of Digital. “We look forward to working together to accelerate our digital products and strategies.”

The Columbus Dispatch, among GateHouse’s largest digital subscription sites, will be the focus.

Strategies and learnings developed during the initiative will then be deployed across GateHouse’s hundreds of other websites.

“We’re excited to drive this forward and identify solutions that’ll empower our teams and newspapers across the nation,” said Brad Harmon, Dispatch president and publisher.