(iseecars.com) – Only 3.4% of new cars are given up within a year of ownership according to the latest iSeeCars study. However, some vehicles are given up much more frequently than average.

Which new vehicles do the most owners give up within the first year of ownership? And what do they have in common? To find out, iSeeCars analyzed more than 46 million individual new car sales to see how many were resold as used within a year.

In Cincinnati, the car given up most often is Mercedes-Benz C-Class, with 13.8% of drivers giving the vehicle up before one year of ownership.

Here are the top 5 cars that Cincinnati drivers give up within a year:


Mercedes-Benz C-Class



Nissan Versa



Mercedes-Benz E-Class



Nissan Sentra



Chevrolet Camaro


Key National Findings Included:

Eight of the top 10 models are from luxury brands, with an even split from German and British automakers.

Nissan, which has two models in the top 10, stands out as the only non-luxury. automaker making the overall top 10 list.

On a brand level, BMW is the most likely to be given up within a year of ownership.

The top 3 trucks that owners give up most often within a year are all Nissan models.

In addition to the above list of new vehicles most often given up within a year the comprehensive study also includes:

Analysis by Brand

SUVs most often given up within a year

Pickup Trucks most often given up within a year

Sports Cars most often given up within a year

Here is a link to the full study.