It was an eventful night Monday during the View From The Pugh podcast.

First, we were treated to the sounds of Caitie Thompson. The Delaware native is pursuing a music career in Nashville and we heard her story and listed to her song “KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)”

We also looked at the British comedy “Hot Fuzz.” I thought it was a hot mess, but John and Brandon disagreed. Much to Caitie, John and Brandon’s horror, I also attacked British TV and movies. And much to John’s chagrin, I was able to bring the subject back to John’s strange obsession with Julie Andrews in “Mary Poppins Returns.”

We also talked about how some churches overdo it when inviting others to Easter services. It’s a lot like my dating habits in high school and college.

We also talked about how sports needs more funny people in broadcasting.

You can watch the video of Bill Walton here.

And I yelled at John for his creepy obsession with Odell Beckhem Jr. on Twitter.

It was awkward and fun at the same time.

Enjoy and share!