Ohio – Buckeyes

This wasn’t the classic hard shell buckeye. It was more of a creamy buckeye tart. My wife loved it, I wasn’t so sure.

Deep DIsh Pizza

Illinois – Deep Dish Pizza

I like pizza, but found this version a little lacking. This didn’t make me want to take a road trip to Chicago any time soon.

Peach Cobbler

Georgia – Peach Cobbler 

Simple, but a great dish. Only complaint was that it was a little dry.

pork rolls

New Jersey – Pork Rolls

This was a hit last year and I liked it again. Any time you mix egg and meat, you have a winner with me.

Possum Pie

Arkansas – Possum Pie 

No. It’s not made of possum. This chocolate mousse with crust was a hit with my daughter.