Illustrated children’s book celebrates being happy with who you are

Franky The Pumpkin.jpg

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Lin Allen marks her debut in the literary limelight with the release of “Franky the Pumpkin” (published by Xlibris in January 2018). Set for a new marketing campaign, the illustrated children’s book teaches readers to be happy of who they are and celebrate their own special characteristics.

In a town called Hallaweensticks, readers meet a family of pumpkins who loves being a pumpkin — except for the youngest one, Franky. He wishes he were some other creature. However, once the rest of the family points out how much of a privilege being a pumpkin is, Franky quickly changes his mind and learns to love himself.

Inspired by her love for Halloween and children, Allen penned the book to remind young readers of their own value and uniqueness.

“I think this book is more relevant to today’s society than ever. There is so much pressure for children today, especially from social media, to be something else. The young generation today need to learn to be happy with themselves, now more than ever,” she says.

Buy “Franky the Pumpkin” here.


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