ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – According to Uma Eyyunni M.D. “mental illness is more common than people usually believe. Because of the associated stigma, families tend to segregate themselves. It is very important to recognize early and rehabilitate to make a better life for those affected as well as their families.” In “Where Do We Belong? A mother’s cry continues..” (published by AuthorHouse in April 2010) she tells a story that deals with the challenges of disposition of the mentally ill.

Anna and Robert with their two sons, Kevin and Andrew lived a peaceful and ideal suburban life in Virginia until Kevin, the older son met with an accident. Though it was not a physically disabling injury, doctors suspect Kevin to be suffering from the beginnings of a mental illness. It shattered his self-esteem and the family’s peace forever. Andrew, the younger brother who adored Kevin, had to grow up fast to be the emotional support of his parents and brother. In spite of his own growing pains, Andrew turns out to be an asset for his parents.

Robert, a popular and brilliant neurosurgeon and Anna, an efficient, compassionate intensive care unit nurse, face the anguish of dealing with the financial, emotional and social struggles with the diagnosis of schizophrenia in Kevin, the apple of their eye.

“Through this book, I want readers to develop awareness, empathy and support and rehabilitation for the mentally ill individuals. We should give them the dignity they deserved,” Eyyunni says.

“Where Do We Belong? A mother’s cry continues..” opens an avenue into the world of family ties, the unconditional and endless efforts of the parents to find a proper place for their first born who, for 18 years gave them every pleasure as a “golden boy.” Part of the proceeds from this book will go towards the support system for the families of the mentally ill.

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