Novel reveals interviews that shed light to the mysteries surrounding the Battle of the Little Bighorn

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Published author John F. Corrigan takes readers on a thrilling search for truth to unveil the mysteries surrounding the aftermath of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. “The Storytellers” (published by iUniverse) chronicles a detective’s interviews of various historical figures to give clarity on the play of the war.

It is one year after the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Numerous questions and rumors persist that challenge the common perception of what transpired out there in Montana Territory. Mr. DelCol, a New York private detective, journeys to the west, as part of a U.S. Army expedition to investigate and retrieve the remains of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and his officers. He must find and interview all witnesses to Custer’s movements, decisions and possible motives. The work is made even more complicated with a mystical being stalking the moonlit skeletons on the battlefield.

“The Storytellers” is crafted intentionally to be a collection of short chapters or “scenes,” Corrigan explains. Each chapter both answers a question and asks another to pull the reader from page to page. The plot also presents a collection of mysteries with each chapter, taking a step towards DelCol solving them. Uniquely weaving fiction and history, the book mentions actual historical figures who are not mentioned in any history book, the author claims.


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“I think [the book] relates to most events that occur in our world. There will always be people controlling the narrative based on their own perspective. That doesn’t mean they are lying. The truth can be revealed by listening to all of them and combining the perspectives,” Corrigan asserts. “As Sitting Bull says to DelCoI when the detective finally finds him, ‘The valley can only be described when viewed from two mountains.’”

At its core, the novel aims for readers to listen to various sources before formulating their own opinions. “If you want to learn… listen,” Corrigan adds.

You can buy the book here.




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