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ANDERSON, Ind. – One couple exposes cover ups and collusion of the alcohol industry in David Sebastian’s new novel “The Plan: Shining a Light on Alcohol Consumption and Cover-Ups” (published by iUniverse). Through the help of an international youth organization, the couple seeks to change culture by making sobriety the new intoxication.

Beginning on a university campus during the ’60s, two unlikely people named Sarah Patrick and Lucas Robertson fall in love and get married. Sarah is a thoughtful social activist. Lucas is a self-indulgent, eat-drink-and-get-lucky fraternity member. Pursuing their professional careers through the remaining years of the 20th century, they are asked to lead an international youth organization. With an adrenalized confidence, they seek to make sobriety the new intoxication. They expose the influence of the alcohol industry on higher education and elected public officials. By the turn of the 21st century public opinion has been swayed and a sober, health conscious culture becomes the new norm.

“My hope is the use and abuse of alcohol will not be accepted as inevitable,” Sebastian says. “Through informed conversations people can make good decisions about a legal but dangerous product. The reader will also be reminded there is big money intentionally targeting vulnerable populations.”

Praise for “The Plan” from Vern K. Smith, senior advisor of Health Management Associates: “‘The Plan’ is a great resource for anyone interested in alcohol problems and how to address them. It is also a great book for anyone just looking for an engaging story of two people who become committed to tackling a seemingly insurmountable problem, who face obstacles and setbacks, and who find success in lives changed. It’s a book worth reading!”

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