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An alcoholic with over two and a half years of sobriety, Lee Mahaffey is also a certified horror junky who wanted more than a bunch of blood and guts. He wanted reality and the unexpected. These things led him to write “Get Your Dog” (published by Xlibris), a story about a young man, the loss of his mother, the relationship with his alcoholic father and building a new one in a far from home setting.

Scotty Dorto II is a young college man who finds out his mother died two months before his father told him. He travels to visit his father with the idea of patching up a half-broken relationship. However, he finds there are things in this world he has never conceived of being possible.

“I wanted a story that reads fast and has enough detail while leaving enough room for the reader’s mind’s eye to actually see what is happening and enjoy the experience,” Mahaffey says. “Through this novel, I want to make readers realize that through the struggles and the fears we encounter there is still hope.”

An excerpt from the book:

“If you see a sorceress kill it.” I am not saying that the whole world needs to get on board with my personal opinions, observations, or religion. I have read the Bible and just like Scotty. I read for the stories and the message. I don’t memorize every passage by verse like Exodus 22:18 “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Which it really is, I just enjoy what is there”

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