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Do certain colored cars provide more deals than others for Cincinnati consumers? The newest iSeeCars study answers that question, and found that which colors were the most and least likely to provide deals.

The automotive research firm analyzed more than 4.1 million vehicles  to determine which car colors were more likely to provide used car deals, defined as savings of 10% or more, and identified the car colors that provide the most and least deals for Cincinnati car shoppers.

The Cincinnati average for deals is 9.7%, and here are the colors with the most and least deals compared to that average.

Car Colors With the Most and Least Deals in Cincinnati, OH


% Deals Compared to Metro Average

Most Deals



Least Deals



The study also included national data including:

  • Analysis Of Car Deals By Color

  • Popular Vehicle Models: Most Common Color for Deals

  • Most Discounted SUV Colors

  • Most Discounted Pickup Truck Colors

  • Most Discounted Sports Car Colors

The full study can be found here.