5 tips for fall and winter car care

GG Bailey

It’s almost time to break out the candy as adorable ghosts and goblins will soon be at your door. That means it’s also time to make sure your car is ready for rainy roads and slippery driving conditions. Here are our tips for getting your vehicle winter-ready.

  • Check tires for wear. You can roughly measure treads using the penny test: if Lincoln’s hair is not visible when a penny is inserted upside down between treads, treads are in decent shape. If there is uneven wear, however, your mechanic should determine what is causing it and make necessary repairs.
  • Have your car’s brake systems inspected by your mechanic. Driving on slippery roads can take a heavy toll on brakes. Your mechanic should check your brake pads and brake fluid.
  • Have your suspension system checked, too. Worn shocks and struts affect how your car handles the road as well as the stopping distance when you brake. New shocks and struts provide better vehicle stability and control.
  • Check wipers and heater. Properly maintained wipers are essential for a safe field of vision when driving in rain. Check that your heater and defrost system are working, both for your comfort while driving, as well as maintaining good visibility.
  • Finally, clean the exterior and interior. Clean and check windshields and windows for chips and repair if needed. For the interior, vacuum up any dirt and debris and wipe down surfaces with a cloth specially made for automotive interiors.
photo of audi parked near trees
Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa on Pexels.com

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