Hunger Awareness Month focuses on setting the tables of our neighbors struggling to feed their families

Stark County Hunger Task Force

What does real hunger look like? More than 53,000 of our Stark County neighbors struggle with food insecurity, but do we really see them?

Can we see if a senior is skipping medication to buy food? How does one tell if their children’s classmates are getting nutritious meals at home? In the grocery store, do we know if the person beside us in line has to choose between paying for heat in their home or the food in their grocery cart?

Thousands of our neighbors face empty refrigerators and cupboards in an unseen struggle to make ends meet and feed their families.

Stark County Hunger Task Force observes Hunger Awareness Month during November to raise awareness of local hunger and enlist public support in the battle against hunger through monetary or food donations or volunteering at one of the SCHTF network pantries.

Through our network of more than 30 pantries throughout the county, every month nearly 31,000 receive free groceries to help them put food on the table when times are tough.

  • Join the fight against hunger by going orange, the hunger awareness color; wear orange on Nov. 14 or decorate and light your business, building or home in orange.
  • Join the fight by donating – every dollar provides up to seven pounds of food to the hungry through our network of more than 30 pantries. Donate on the SCHTF Website
  • Join the fight by items or by organizing a food drive for our Backpack for Kids program. We serve over 700 children a week through this program. Contact Stephanie at for more information. 
  • Join the fight by volunteering: work in one of our pantries distributing food, assist packing weekend meals for the SCHTF Backpack for Kids program or usher for events at the Palace Theater and Civic Center.  Call 330.455.6667 for more information.
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