Marriage book

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Learn how to desire God’s best in life, even during a difficult marriage, in the new book “Standing for God’s Ideal: Remaining True to the Marriage Vows” (published by WestBow Press) by Randy Langham.

You can buy the book here.

The book gives a definitive argument for God’s best guidance for a troubled marriage, and the advice is for a couple to remain true to their vows, to apply God’s principles, and trust God for the results. “Standing for God’s Ideal” takes a macroscopic and microscopic view of the Bible and will appeal to ministers and biblical scholars due to the biblical argument presented for keeping marriage covenants. Moreover, the book will appeal to Christians experiencing a difficult marriage and offer them a source of truth in the midst of their confusion.

“I want the readers to see God and His plan for their lives. I want them to believe the truth, to submit their lives to God, and to remain true to their marriage vows,” Langham says. “I want the readers who are not Christians to see how big God is and to trust in Him for everything.”