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Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced last week that InnovateOhio, in partnership with the Ohio Departments of Public Safety (DPS) and Administrative Services (DAS), has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to support the fix of the state’s background check system. The current, fragmented way that Ohio’s cities and counties feed data into the state and federal databases allows many people, who should fail a background check due to their criminal history, to pass due to incomplete data in the system.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called for a technology solution to the background check system’s flaws in the wake of the August 4, 2019 shooting in Dayton, Ohio’s Oregon District. During the announcement, law enforcement officials from across the state, alongside gun shop owners themselves, advocated for a more accurate background check system, and the Governor tasked InnovateOhio to take the lead on developing that solution.

“The background check system is supposed to track a criminal’s history, but we know that many times, it fails to do its job and gives a clean report on known criminals and dangerous people,” said Lt. Governor Jon Husted. “This puts the public at risk, it puts law enforcement at risk, and is a complete miscarriage of justice.”

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