Ohio families celebrate online learning day at the Statehouse

Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition

Nearly 200 students, parents, family members, teachers and administrators from most of Ohio’s public online schools, gathered today at the Ohio Statehouse to unite in a celebration for online learning and public eSchools. Travelling from communities across the state, each family came to the state capitol to share their story about why they made the choice to enroll in an eSchool and how they are benefitting.

Ohio Online Learning Day 2019 was held at the Statehouse Atrium where students took part in learning activities designed by teachers and wrote letters and messages to Ohio lawmakers. The students and their family members also attended meetings with legislators and took part in tours of the Statehouse.

Among the students who attended the event is Ohio Connections Academy senior Hannah Boggs of South Point (Lawrence County). Hannah suffers from chronic migraines with associated vertigo which caused her to miss a lot of school when she attended a brick and mortar school. The online classroom offers Hannah the schedule flexibility to manage her symptoms without falling behind in her schoolwork. It also enabled her to pursue her passion for writing. In fact, she published her first novel this year.

“While I do miss some of the experiences that come from attending a traditional high school, going to an online school has enabled me to thrive academically and opened up some exciting opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have,” Hannah said. “My overall health is improving. I’m currently taking honors courses and I’m looking forward to attending college next year. Finding the public online school has been a life changer for me and my family.”

Online Learning Day was designed so that families could meet and join with other eSchool groups from throughout Ohio to raise awareness, especially with their legislators, about the importance of public online learning options. The event also builds connections between families, schools and the broader community. Schools represented at the event included Ohio Connections Academy (OCA), Great River Connections Academy (GRCA), Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA), GOAL Digital Academy, Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy (OHDELA), and the Ohio Digital Learning School (ODLS).

More than 40,000 students are enrolled in 14 public eSchools in Ohio, 7 of which are statewide. Students in any geographic location in the state can enroll in the statewide eSchools. eSchools are public charter schools in which students are taught by certified teachers with the state of Ohio and follow the same curriculum standards and requirements set forth by the State of Ohio.

The Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition is a non-profit organization representing students, parents, teachers and others who believe in empowering families to enroll their kids in these innovative public schools. The organization seeks to give parents and stakeholders a voice in the public policy debates over critical educational issues that will impact Ohio’s future.

photo of boy wearing headphone
Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com

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