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What are folks in Ohio thankful for? Does it align with the rest of America?

The team at All Home Connections, an authorized AT&T retailer, analyzed more than 72,000 tweets to reveal what Americans are grateful for in 2019.

View the full report here:

We split up the results according to the five main regions of the United States. Some interesting trends arose.

For example:

  • The North East is obsessed with music and couldn’t live without it
  • In the Southfaith makes people feel #blessed
  • The Midwest is most thankful for family, of course, but they’re also grateful for #weekends and time with friends
  • Residents of the South West are all about that #vibe, expressing thankfulness for meditation and art
  • In the Western United States, folks are in love with photography and adventure. #nofilter

Overall, however, Americans are united in their gratitude for family and love. (Awww!)

If that news doesn’t fill your heart as much as your belly this Thanksgiving, we don’t know what will.

I’m sharing this with you because November news can be consumed by strife and conflict in the world, and I thought your readers might enjoy a positive story that reminds us all that we have something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What America is Most Thankful for MAP.jpeg