Cyber week is here and in full effect already. Consumers will be hitting the stores both online and in-store to grab the year’s best deals on top tech, travel, and kitchen deals. Here are’s tips on what to buy, what to avoid and what to look out for when shopping this year.

What to Buy:

Electronics- It seems like an obvious one but it’s true. Black Friday has the best prices on consumer electronics and tech. These items and the deals will be limited so be sure to shop early and grab the products you want. Top items to shop will be TVs, tablets, computers and gaming systems.

Kitchen Appliances- All kitchen appliances from small to large will be deeply discounted for 2019. It’s a perfect time to stock up on gift items like blenders, toasters, and crockpots for college students or new homeowners. And it’s also a great time to buy large appliances with a 0% interest plan from major suppliers.

Travel- Travel is one of our new favorite Black Friday discounts as we’ve seen the category develop more deals over the years. Expect deals from both the destination and the online marketplaces on air travel, car rentals, bundle deals, and hotel stays. Just be sure to check out any date restrictions before purchasing.

Video Games- Black Friday is the perfect time to buy video games as retailers often slash prices to clear this year’s stock and make a great bundle deal with their coordinating gaming system.

What To Wait On:

Toys- Historically toys see the biggest savings closer to Christmas as retailers try to clear stock before the holiday. However, if a toy is expected to sell out it’s always better to buy it while you can if you know it’s needed on one of your gift lists.

Clothing- Wait until Cyber Monday to start shopping for clothing, you’ll see the best deals on all the brands you love and be able to shop from home (or work). It’s also a fantastic way to get the sizes you want without digging through bins and elbowing your way through the sale.

Christmas Decor- Shop for Christmas decor after Christmas with prices dropping as soon as December 26, consumers can save up to 90% off home decor for the holidays in the week following the holiday.

Winter Sports & Clothing- While you may see these items on sale, their lowest prices can be found towards the end of the season in February and March.

Shopping Tips:

Compare models – Often, manufacturers along with retailers will create electronic models specifically for Black Friday sales. These models are typically stripped down and do not offer the same components or benefits as the regular retail model. Double-check you are getting all of the ports, resolution, remotes, cords, and anything else applicable when you’re buying tech this Black Friday.

Put it in your cart – Deals and products are limited when shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you see a product you know you want, it’s better to get it while you can and think about it while you walk around the store. You may miss out entirely if you don’t. Shopping online and holding items is a bit trickier but clothing items can sell out quickly online. Your best bet for securing items will be to keep an eye on inventory if the site displays it or buy it right away. You can always cancel or return items that you don’t end up wanting.

Use cash back cards – If you have a cash back credit card there is no reason not to use it when shopping online or in-store. It’s an extra perk and saving method when it comes to holiday spending. The only time I’d skip cash back purchases is if you have a retailer card with greater discounts or perks, and/or a credit card that adds an extra warranty to your purchases like American Express.

Buy discounted gift cards – If you know where you’ll be shopping this year, buy discounted gift cards online and use them to shop for your items. You can add another 15-20% savings at the same stores!

Know your card perks – Chances are if you’re shopping in-store you’ll be using a credit card and of course online shoppers will. It’s important to know the perks of each of your cards as you choose them to make purchases. American Express offers extended warranties on qualified purchases. This is great for any kind of electronic or tech products.

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