Report: “Father of the Bride” is Ohio’s favorite 90s romantic comedy

The 30-year anniversary of the iconic ‘90s decade is fast approaching, and ‘90s hype is bigger than ever. The team at, an online authorized reseller of DISH, has released a new report uncovering Ohio’s most popular ‘90s romcom – Father of the Bride!

The full report can be found at

Here are some fly facts about our report:

  • America is tied when it comes to its favorite ‘90s romcom! Both Clueless and My Best Friend’s Wedding tied with 12 states each, although Father of the Bride was not far behind with 10 states.
  • Only two of the movies that made our report were made before 1995 – Pretty Woman and Father of the Bride.
  • Pretty Woman is the highest-grossing romcom from the 90’s bringing in $178,406,268 since it opened in March of 1990. It’s the 4th highest-grossing romcom of all time.




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