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Here is our agenda for Monday night’s show.

SHOW TIME: 930-11 p.m.

GUESTS: Jon Spencer 10 p.m. (Ohio State Buckeyes reporter for USA TODAY NETWORK). and Kim Gasuras 10:30 pm. (Crawford County Now reporter)

How was your Thanksgiving?

Steelers-Browns and OSU-Michigan recap

Frozen 1 review

PaPa Johns former spokesman makes odd claim

Report: Ohioans are some of the dumbest people in the country

Freddie Mercury singing challenge

Kanye West calls himself ‘the greatest artist that God has ever created’ at Joel Osteen service

NFL star gives his cell phone number to fans. Is this a good idea?

Taco Bell chicken strips to be tested in Dayton.

An Akron man assaulted a McDonald’s employee whom he suspected of charging too much for two McDoubles, according to police.