A new report ranks Ohio as one of the worst states for speedy drivers.

Analysts at QuoteWizard found that states with the slowest speed limits tend to have the most amount of speeding tickets and vice-versa. Our team ranked each state on the average interstate speed limit and compare with proprietary speeding ticket data by state.

Final rankings are a differential comparison of speed limit and speeding ticket rankings.

Ohio was found to have an average speed limit of 67.5 mph and ranked 12th most for speeding tickets, ranking it 7th overall worst state for speedy drivers.

Key findings:

  • Delaware, Hawaii and Vermont worst states for speedy drivers.
  • Texas, Nevada and Arizona best states for speedy drivers.
  • States with lower average speed limits have higher rate of speeding tickets.
  • States with higher average speed limits have lower rate of speeding tickets.
  • Average speed limit in the country is 67.7 MPH.

Here is an advanced look at the study, which is slated to be released on Tuesday https://quotewizard.com/news/posts/worst-states-for-speedy-drivers

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