Study: Ohio ranks No. 5 state for inadequate sleep

The Sleep Judge

Not every American may be getting their rightful share of restful sleep. In a new study, the team at The Sleep Judge analyzed the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System to uncover the states that suffer the most from poor sleep and the possible reasons why. Unfortunately, Ohio stood out:

  • Ohio ranks the No. 5 state for inadequate rest, defined as 6 or fewer hours of sleep nightly
  • Specifically, 39.7% of Ohio residents report inadequate sleep regularly
  • Relationship status, income, and employment impact sleep—those separated (45.9%), with an income of less than $10K (41.2%) and who are unable to work (50.1%) sleep the worst
  • Additionally, poor physical health (48%) and poor mental health (54.7%) are a detriment to a good night’s rest

The average adult is recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night but 35.7% of Americans still get six or fewer hours of rest on a nightly basis with each state seeing its own unique sleep patterns.

close up photography of woman sleeping
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