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CHICAGO – Responding to consumer demand, the first two books in the “Oliver the Ornament” children’s series are now available as e-Books, and “Oliver the Ornament” is available in Spanish in e-Book form.

“I can’t tell you how many parents have asked for e-Books so their kids can more easily bring Oliver with them as they go over the river to Grandma’s house,” said author Todd Zimmermann. “Knowing they want to keep their hardcover books in pristine condition, but still let their kids visit with Oliver and his friends is really, really special. Hopefully having Oliver on their screens will keep everyone in the family happy.”

Releasing the e-Book in Spanish is a first step, Zimmermann said, adding that he expects to have a hard copy book in Spanish in the future.

Zimmermann donates a percentage of the profits of each of book sold. When the seventh book is published, he will donate 100% of the profits to charity. He will donate 5 percent of profits from the Spanish e-Book to the Hispanic Scholarship Foundation. He also created an Oliver-based kindness program that he offers for free to parents and teachers.

“Kindness is the heart of the Oliver the Ornament book series and it’s also the heart of our business,” he said.

“Oliver the Ornament” is the first of a seven-book series that uses the youngest members of the Nelson family and a cast of Christmas ornaments to teach children about the need to be kind, even in an unkind world. The book launched as a charmingly illustrated hardcover book in 2016 and was quickly endorsed as a hot gift for the holiday season by parents and named a “Best New Book” by People magazine. Since then, Zimmermann has:

  • Donated 3,000+ “Oliver the Ornament” hard cover books to children’s hospitals and classrooms across the country.
  • Partnered with the National Grange organization and schools to use “Oliver the Ornament” to raise money for local kindness programs.
  • Joined First Lady, Melania Trump when she read “Oliver the Ornament” at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC, continuing a tradition began by Bess Truman

The entire product line is available at www.olivertheornament.com.