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Student Loan Hero

Student Loan Hero just published a brand-new study of over 600,000 Americans that reveals how holiday babies are significantly less likely to carry higher student debt portfolios than the rest of us.

Our researchers found that Christmas Day babies typically owe 15% less student loans (or roughly $1,450) than the average across all other birthdays. To determine these findings, debt balances were averaged across different loan categories from the 600,000 anonymized users born on Dec. 24, Dec. 25, Dec. 31 or Jan. 1.

Other surprising takeaways
New Year’s Day babies owe 13% ($1,259) less in student loans than average.

Christmas Eve babies, on the other hand, owe nearly 4% ($356) more student debt than the average, and 21% ($1,808) more than those born on Christmas, just a day later.

New Year’s Eve babies owe 5% ($501) more in student debt than the average, and 20% ($1,760) more than those born one day later.

The disparity in debt isn’t limited to student loans: Christmas Day babies carry 1.5% less debt than the average for all borrowers, while those born on New Year’s Day owe 4% less than average. By contrast, New Year’s Eve babies carry about 5% more debt than the typical borrower, and Christmas Eve children owe about 4% above the average.

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