Here’s what we talked about on Monday night.

1. How was your New Year’s?

2. I turned 45 on Sunday. The older you get, the more birthdays suck.

3, When does the new decade start? Depends on you who ask. #10TV

4. PaPa John wants to eat 50 pizzas in 30 days·

5. Sheetz to enter Columbus market in spring 2021

6. The Office parody is coming to Columbus

7. A reporter won the lottery and quit her job, live on air — only to find the payout was about $5,500

8. DOCTOR: Burger King’s ‘Impossible Burger’ Has 18 Million Times More Estrogen Than Regular Whopper

9. New album from Kayne West

10. There is a Jesus video game

11. United Methodist Church announces proposal to split over LGBTQ issues

12. In what sounds exactly like the plot of the 2015 comedy “Get Hard” starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, Lori Loughlin has reportedly hired a “Prison Expert” to train her how to survive behind bars: