Valentine’s Day brings all the feels. It’s the holiday that has everyone asking themselves about their love life—including those in your state. People in your state are turning to Google to know if their crush likes them back, if they should propose, or if they’re in love…

The analysts at CenturyLinkQuote analyzed Google data to see what each state is most curious about when it comes to relationship advice—and at least five states are eager to learn how to kiss.

Ohio residents can’t stop googling the answers to “How to propose”.

View the full report here: https://www.centurylinkquote.com/resources/each-states-most-googled-relationship-question/

Interesting findings from our research:

  • “Does he like me” has nearly twice as much search volume as “Does she like me” —ditto with “Does he love me” and “Does she love me.”
  • Both Nevada and Oklahoma searched “Am I in love” more than any other question. They’re also the top two states with the highest divorce rates.
    Which state wins for having the most brides and grooms?
  • Utah. With 55.4% of the population, Utah has the highest number of couples tying the knot.

Most-Googled-Relationship-Questions-2.0 Map