OHIO | How to prepare your home for the spring real estate market

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Ohio Department of Commerce

After a winter hiatus, spring is the time many sellers want to get their homes on the market in time for the traditionally busiest real estate season. Before listing your home, there are important steps sellers should take in order to be best prepared.

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing encourages sellers to do their homework by interviewing real estate professionals and creating a plan for selling their home. It is imperative to work with an active licensee to protect your most important asset and help guide you through the home selling process.

“One of the most important keys when selling your home is make sure you’re listing with a real estate professional who has an active license in good standing,” said Division Superintendent Anne Petit. “We license agents, appraisers, and home inspectors involved in the home-buying process to ensure they are in compliance with the laws and educated on the proper handling of your selling or buying experience.”

Here are four steps you can take to prepare for selling your home this spring:

  1. Interview the real estate professionals you’re working with – Look for someone who is knowledgeable and would best represent you. Choose someone with a proven track record in your neighborhood or area.
  1. Clear the clutter – Prospective buyers want to step into your place and picture themselves living there. Visualize them making the home you’re selling their own.
  1. Make repairs and improvements – Based upon recommendations from your listing agent, you can put time and money into improvement projects to improve your home’s marketability.
  2. Begin packing and organizing your belongings – It’s best to be prepared for any outcome and, because a house can sell in a month or years, it’s better to start packing before the sale.

Your home is an important investment, so planning now can help you be best prepared to sell your home safely this spring.

To check if a real estate professional is licensed, click here.  If you have questions, please contact the Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing at 614-466-4100 or WebReal@com.state.oh.us


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