Rick Hoganson

Acclaimed worship leader Justin Rizzo releases his first full-length album in seven years, Love So Fierce, on Friday from Spotlight Music Group. The 13-track recording is available now at Apple MusiciTunesSpotifyPandora and additional digital and streaming outlets globally.

Rizzo’s new album includes the songs from his Paid It All EP released in January and Worship And Adore EP released in February along with five more songs of worship: “Meet With Us,” “Eternal Love Is Your Name,” “All I’m Wanting,” “Live And Breathe” and “See His Love.”

“God has a fierce commitment to have all of our love, while at the same time having the tender heart of a bridegroom to continue winning our hearts and taking us back when we stumble in weakness,” says Rizzo explaining the impetus behind his new album. “Part of the beautiful mystery of our faith is that we serve, love, and have given our lives to a God whose love is fierce, like a man of war, but at the same time is as tender as a man in love. This should evoke worship in our hearts.

“This title song came out of a set where me and my team were spontaneously singing through Song of Solomon chapter 8 verse 6 where it says that God’s love is as strong as death, and his jealousy is as fierce as the grave,” continues Rizzo. “The chorus of the song says:  I’ve never known a love so fierce, I’ve never known a love so tender, I’ve never known a love that suffers long, with me.

The full Love So Fierce track listing follows:

01)  Meet With Us

02)  Fingerprints

03)  Worship And Adore

04)  Paid It All

05)  Eternal Love Is Your Name

06)  Love Won’t Stop

07)  All I’m Wanting

08)  You Are My Treasure

09)  Live And Breathe

10)  See His Love

11)  Love So Fierce

12)  Worship And Adore (Acoustic Version)

13)  Paid It All (Acoustic Version)

Along with the new album, Rizzo will release a book on worship leading later this year. He also hosts The Rizzcast Podcast, produces musicals and films through his Firelight Creative production company and offers worship coaching and resources though his Worship Leader Academy program.