LIFE | Groups continue to offer free online mental, substance abuse support during COVID-19

WEconnect Health and Unity Recovery

WEconnect Health, an evidence-based digital app, and Unity Recovery will continue free online support groups for individuals dealing with substance abuse, mental health, disordered eating or other life concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The daily online support groups are led by state-certified and trained counselors who are in recovery themselves.

WEconnect Health and Unity Recovery started providing the daily meetings on March 12, as public health officials urged people to avoid gatherings. Since then, more than 30,000 individuals from all 50 states and 10 countries have participated.

To sign up or learn more, visit:

“The need for support only grows as people are social distancing. We want more people to continue participating in these online group meetings, and we hope more will join,” said WEconnect Health cofounder and CEO Daniela Tudor, who is in substance abuse recovery herself.

“Substance abuse recovery only becomes harder in a crisis,” said Murphy Jensen, cofounder and EVP of corporate development at WEconnect Health, who is also in substance abuse recovery himself. “We welcome anyone who needs support during this time.”

As of 2019, there are more than 66,000 12-step meetings in the U.S. alone and thousands of similar type support groups. Particularly for those new in recovery and just leaving treatment, having no access to support meetings, medication-assisted treatment or therapy during this time exponentially increases the likelihood of relapse, overdose and even death.


WEconnect Health provides the most effective digital solution for substance abuse. Cofounded by Daniela Tudor and French Open Tennis champion Murphy Jensen, both in recovery, they have made it their mission to save lives, provide accurate outcomes data, and support healthcare ecosystems, communities and families.

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