STEELERS QUOTES | Kevin Colbert says team didn’t make offer to veteran free agent quarterback

“I can honestly say that we absolutely made no negotiation or offer to a veteran quarterback.”

GM Kevin Colbert – 93.7 The Fan.

“The thing that really keeps our optimism alive is not only having Ben (Roethlisberger) back, but maybe having a better Ben back. I try to be optimistic in any situation. When he sits for a year he also rested the rest of his body for a year. Maybe the surgery will help him have even a stronger arm coming back. Those are the types of things that I look for, and all indications are that he’s on a solid course to be back full speed.”

GM Kevin Colbert – 93.7 The Fan.

“We’re hopeful that Mason (Rudolph) doesn’t get to play a lot, quite honestly,” Colbert said. “If he’s not called on to play that means that Ben’s doing what we had hoped for. We’re very comfortable with Mason where he was last year. As I’ve stated before he was five and three as a starter.”

GM Kevin Colbert – 93.7 The Fan.

“We’re very comfortable with Matt’s position flexibility. (The right tackle job is) going to be determined maybe not by what he brings to the table but maybe by what others around him bring to the table in terms of guard depth or tackle depth. He provides us that type of flexibility. We’ve got complete confidence in him, and we’re excited about taking a look at what the young guard has”.

GM Kevin Colbert – after the NFL Draft

Big Ben somewhat orchestrated them not taking a QB…they should have went QB. But look what happened a couple of drafts ago with Mason Rudolph…Big Ben wasn’t going to mentor him…Big Ben is influencing the moves the Steelers make.”

Nate Burleson – NFL Network analyst

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