Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

A study released just last week showed that Ohio lost 12,869 jobs in clean energy, a 11.8% loss, last month. The study is here.  This number puts at risk some of the promising developments over the last several years in job growth in the clean energy sector in Ohio:

  • Ohio ranked 8th nationally for clean energy jobs in 2019 with 114,388 jobs. There were 83,165 jobs in energy efficiency and 10,607 jobs in renewable energy. (Source: E2)
  • Ohio had 7,282 solar jobs in 2019, an increase of 1.7% from 2018. Ohio also ranked 7th nationally for solar last year. (Source: The Solar Foundation)
  • Ohio had over 1,000 direct wind industry jobs in 2019. (Source: AWEA)