OHIO | WOSU Public Media launches community conversations


WOSU Public Media is exploring the challenges individuals and nonprofits in Central Ohio are facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in its Community Conversations initiative. From the safety of their homes, WOSU producers conduct virtual interviews, which are then published to WOSU’s various platforms.

“From a barbershop owner on the east side to seniors getting help through Meals on Wheels, these conversations take a deep dive into the current issues and long-term implications of this unprecedented time in history,” said Cindy Gaillard, director of local content for WOSU TV.Community Conversations is “highlighting ways neighbors have been helping neighbors.”

This digital video series offers insight into the perspectives many individuals and organizations are taking despite COVID-19 and its significant effect on our daily lives. Altogether, they remain optimistic and supportive of one another.

In one episode, Angela O’Neal from the Columbus Metropolitan Library speaks with WOSU Public Media’s Diana Bergemann about storing photographs – a great at-home activity to do. In another,barbershop owner Al Edmondson shares his thoughts about how COVID-19 has affected the King Lincoln neighborhood residents and business owners.

“The Community Conversations video series continues to dig deep into how our neighbors and social agencies are coping with the pandemic,” says Gaillard.

While the impact of COVID-19 has been felt by many, WOSU Public Media’s General Manager, Tom Rieland, spoke with a Columbus personality who has experienced the virus firsthand. Press Southworth, Executive Director for the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus, recently recuperated from COVID-19 and shared his experience and how the Jazz Arts Group is coping.

During the coronavirus pandemic, WOSU Public Media is responding in service to the community in a variety of ways providing critical news, educational opportunities for students and teachers and escape via radio, tv and digital programming. For a summary, view our WOSU Community Impact Update: COVID-19 Pandemic at wosu.org.


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