OHIO | COMMENTARY: How we can practically fight racism

Rick Lane picture
Image from Friday night’s protest in Columbus, Ohio (Rick Lane)

By Chris Pugh

Racism is real, disgusting and dangerous.

But nothing will change until we take an inward look at our prejudices, confessing them through prayer and changing our hearts about how we view others.

It starts with us.

Secondly, we need to listen to each other.

As a middle-aged white guy, I can’t tell you about how other races feel, should feel or what they’ve experienced.

I have two ears and one mouth. I need to use these to understand more about others.

I haven’t done this well over the last 45 years.

And finally, we need to look out for each other.

It is uncomfortable, but it’s time to approach family, friends, co-workers and those we interact with online who speak and/or act with prejudice and compassionately confront them.

That didn’t happen in the Minneapolis Police Department.

But racism isn’t just confined there.

To make global change, we need to start with ourselves and impact those around us.

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