OHIO | REPORT: Ohio drivers ranked among speediest and most accident-prone


According to auto analysts at QuoteWizard, Ohioans were found to rank #12-most lead-footed as well as the #9-most accident-prone drivers in the nation. Since early 2020 when states called for stay-at-home orders due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the nation saw a 50% decrease in auto claims due to the lack of travel and commuting. However, the open roads are leading people to speed more than usual, resulting in more severe/deadly car accidents.

You find more information about Ohio’s rankings here: https://quotewizard.com/news/posts/dangerous-roads-during-covid-19

Our experts analyzed proprietary insurance quote data to see which states are the most accident-prone and which states are most lead-footed. Many states have been found to be both accident-prone and lead-footed making the roads in those states significantly more dangerous.

Key Findings:

  • The National Safety Council found vehicle fatalities per mile driven increased by 14% compared to March 2019.
  • Consumer Federation of America estimates a 50% drop in insurance claims during the stay-at-home orders.
  • Open roads are leading to an over 50% increase in highway speeding, making roads more lethal during the stay-at-home orders.
  • QuoteWizard data shows Maine, California and South Carolina are most accident-prone drivers in the country.
  • Hawaii, South Carolina and Delaware are considered to be the most lead-footed drivers in the country.

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