OHIO | Report: Ohio ranks among best states in U.S. for unemployment benefits


With Ohio’s unemployment rate at 16.8%, many will turn to Medicaid for health care coverage. Our data report found Ohio provides the 22nd-best Medicaid benefits in the country.

Our team of health industry experts at QuoteWizard analyzed Kaiser Family Foundation data on Medicaid costs and funding to shed light on which states are capable of delivering eligibility and benefits.

To view the full report visit: https://quotewizard.com/news/posts/states-with-best-medicaid-benefit-programs

Key Ohio Findings:

  • The rate of nonelderly people on Medicaid is 23%, the 18th-highest in the country.
  • The cost of physician fees for services is 10th-least.
  • Ohio spends 31% on Medicaid, the 19th-lowest rate.
    • This equals $7,268 per person on Medicaid.

Key National Findings:

  • A 14.7% unemployment rate has left many Americans seeking Medicaid benefits.
  • Nationally, 21% of people receive Medicaid benefits.
  • New York, New Hampshire and Wisconsin were found to provide the best Medicaid programs in the country.
  • States with the best Medicaid programs spend 65% more per person than bottom level states.
  • Top-end states fund their Medicaid programs with a higher rate of state-provided funding.
  • 29% of people in Medicaid expansion states became eligible with expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

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