OHIO | Facebook group working to compile feedback for law enforcement reform

Ohio Attorney General

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has gone to the people to solicit feedback on what meaningful law enforcement changes could be implemented to meet the evolving needs of Ohioans. In a Facebook group called, “Be Heard By The AG,” he asks for comments, experiences and suggestions and has been closely monitoring Ohioans’ ideas for law enforcement reforms.

“We are listening deeply and thinking about what we are hearing,” Yost said. “For those who would rather not wade through the hate that Facebook sometimes unleashes, we created a summary page so you can see what your fellow citizens are saying.”

Ohioans may also submit feedback via email to BeHeardByTheAG@ohioago.gov.

Yost created the Facebook group on June 5 as an open forum for everyone to share their ideas, experiences and opinions related to law enforcement policy and since then has received more than 50 individual ideas. The suggestions are compiled on the Attorney General’s website in a way to clearly see the content of the suggestions.


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