OHIO | Cleveland Metroparks Zoo offers limited drive-through experience at Asian Lantern Festival

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced it is offering guests a limited-time opportunity to experience this year’s Asian Lantern Festival from the comfort of their vehicle. The new drive-through experience will be available only on four additional nights beginning August 10.

In order to provide a new way for guests to experience the festival this year, the Zoo has added four dates where guests can explore Asian Lantern Festival from their vehicle. Monday and Tuesday evenings of the festival beginning August 10 will be reserved for the drive-through experience only.

Guests will get to enjoy more than 70 never-before-seen lantern displays, comprised of over 1,000 illuminated lanterns, from the comfort of their vehicles. The drive-through nights are in addition to this year’s full experience that runs Wednesdays through Sundays through August 23.
Asian Lanterns Festival on July 22, 2020 at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. (Kyle Lanzer/Cleveland Metroparks)
Tickets are on sale now for the drive-through experience August 10 – 11 and August 17 – 18 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Entry is $54 per car for Zoo members and $60 per car for non-members. Advanced reservations can only be purchased online and are required for entry. Tickets are scheduled in half-hour time slots with the final ticketed entry concluding at 10:30 p.m. Guests will not be able to exit their vehicle during the experience. Reserve drive-through tickets at FutureForWildlife.org/lanternsdrivethrough

“We are excited to expand access to this truly unique festival and offer the limited-time drive-through opportunity to our community,” said Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Manderfield.

This year’s Asian Lantern Festival presented by Cleveland Clinic Children’s is bigger than ever and guests who wish to enjoy the full-festival experience, including four live acrobatic performances on the Fifth Third Bank stage each night and a variety of culturally-inspired cuisine, can still purchase tickets for the walk-though experience running Wednesday through Sunday evenings 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. through August 23.

Advanced reservations for the walk-through are encouraged to reserve your spot. Guests can also save on Asian Lantern Festival tickets by purchasing in advance. For more information visit FutureForWildlife.org/lanterns.

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