POP CULTURE | New “Curious George” movie debuts Sept. 8 on Peacock streaming service


CURIOUS GEORGE: GO WEST, GO WILD (Peacock Original Film)Curious George®is back in the saddle and ready for adventure in his exciting movie—Go West, Go Wild. George and Ted travel to cousin Ginny’s farm for a relaxing outdoor weekend, but plans take a turn when her farm animals escape into the wild blue yonder. With the help of Emmett, a friendly farmhand with cowboy dreams, the group sets out to track the herd through the countryside, camp outdoors, fish for their dinner, and stumble into a ghost town! Featuring a spirited new score and original songs, this unforgettable story proves that anything is possible when you believe in yourself. 

September is Curious George’s birthday, celebrated annually as “Curiosity Month.” To mark the occasion, Peacock is:

  • ​Releasing a new Curious George® movie, Peacock Original Curious George: Go West, Go Wild will premiere Sept. 8 in addition to three more Curious George® movies on Sept. 20, Curious George, Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!, Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle, alongside two seasonal TV Specials Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest, and Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas.
  • Adding seasons one – nine of Curious George® to Peacock on Sept. 20. Peacock currently has seasons 10-12, along with select episodes from season 13, which debuted as Peacock Originals earlier this year. 

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