FAITH | Author of new book and Bible study will host first interactive online study

Gina Adams

Award-winning author, speaker, and TV show host Shannon Perry is releasing a book and Bible study to coincide with her #1 Amazon best-selling book, “Grace and Guts: Strategies for Living a Knock-out Life.”

Additionally, Perry will be teaching a six-week series beginning September 15 in a live, interactive online environment. 

“I’m told by women who have been doing online studies that no one else has tried this,” says Perry. “There are speakers who are doing live events online, but they don’t take questions or interact with participants. Even in my regular in-person conferences, I am always walking around greeting people, talking with ladies, hearing their stories. During this time when we are all so isolated, ministry still needs to be personal in nature. People hurt, we grieve, we face difficulties every day and we need personal contact and prayer from one another. We need to be able to laugh and cry and encourage one another. That’s what I want this online study to accomplish. We all need to reconnect.” 

Though it has been nearly five years since releasing her last award-winning book for teen girls, “Stand: Staying Balanced with Answers for Real Teen Life,” Perry never meant to take a hiatus from writing.

During the past few years, Perry was caregiver to both her parents who were diagnosed with cancer.

Following her mother’s death, Perry also dealt with her only son being deployed overseas, a freak horse accident that took part of her hand, Hurricane Harvey that damaged her home in Houston, among other personal losses.

Through it all, Perry continued to speak at conferences and events across the country where she asked women of all ages to describe the most difficult challenges they face on a daily basis.

She identified twelve issues that were consistent: overcoming fear, people-pleasing, facing uncertainty, mastering anger, exhaustion, betrayal, insecurity, depression, loneliness, finding purpose, addiction, and dealing with difficult people.

Perry says writing “Grace and Guts” was cathartic in many ways as she faced her own challenges over the past few years.

“The book cover of me wearing boxing gloves says it all,” says Perry. “Life can often feel like a boxing ring and in the last few years I have felt as if I was often fighting for my sanity, my peace, and my own sense of purpose. We all have experienced personal battles with at least one of the twelve core challenges I address in the book and Bible study. My desire is to help women gain victory over the things that hold them back from living life to its fullest.”
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