A couple of thoughts about Jack Windsor and advocacy journalism

There is a lot of truth in this article about Jack Windsor.

From questioning the overall impact of COVID-19 to advocating taking up guns over election concerns, there’s a dangerous agenda happening here.

Yes. I am a member of the mainstream media that’s been wrongfully called “an enemy of the people” by some American leaders.

But I can assure you, we’re neutral.

I sit in on a daily news meeting with 21 newspapers across Ohio.

We don’t take unnecessary shots at Republicans or Democrats based on our personal political beliefs and we abide by a strict company social media policy where we’re disciplined if we take pro Republican or Democratic stands on social media.

I’ve been accused by various people over the past year about trying to promote or support a liberal narrative that’s dangerous to America.

And these aren’t angry trollers online.

These are friends, people I’ve lived life with for much of my life – people I attended high school and college with, people that attended my wedding and were part of major moments in my life.

Here’s my agenda. I want to get to the truth. And I’ll continue to question those in power including Joe Biden in January, like I did for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama and Trump.

I can’t say the same about others from conservatives like Jack Windsor to liberal bloggers who promote their own agenda. Please #supportlocaljournalism from publications who have been around and active in your local communities for years. The alternatives are dangerous.

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