Peacock doubles animated kids programming slate expands on its robust collection of originals and franchises

Peacock announced the pickup of DreamWorks Animation MEGAMIND’S GUIDE TO DEFENDING YOUR CITY and ABOMINABLE AND THE INVISIBLE CITY series, follow ups to the hit animated films, as well as animated pre-school series, PRESS START!TEAM MEKBOTS ANIMAL RESCUEDINO POPS and Season 2 of BABBLE BOP!  

Peacock previously greenlit the make-and-do series THE MAKERY and released Season 1 of the musical dance jamboree series, BABBLE BOP! Additional Peacock Originals in the kids space include CURIOUS GEORGE: CAPE AHOY, as well as the DreamWorks Animation series ARCHIBALD’S NEXT BIG THING IS HERE!CLEOPATRA IN SPACEWHERE’S WALDO?, and DRAGONS RESCUE RIDERS: HEROES OF THE SKY


  • MEGAMIND’S GUIDE TO DEFENDING YOUR CITY is the series follow-up to the hit movie, where Megamind goes from being a supervillain and the scourge of Metro City to a superhero who’s learning on the job. He’ll be bringing the audience along for the ride, as Megamind’s trusty brainbots will be recording everything, making him the world’s first superhero influencer. 
  • Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons, who wrote the 2010 feature, are executive producing the series alongside Eric Fogel 

Executive Producer: Eric Fogel, Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons 
Co-Executive Producer and Story Editor: JD Ryznar 
Produced By: DreamWorks Animation 
Format: CG Animation 

BABBLE BOP! – Season 2 

  • Peacock has ordered season 2 of BABBLE BOP!, the musical dance jamboree series for preschoolers. 
  • A foot-tapping, hand-clapping, baby-bottom wiggling, sing-along world of music, dance and preschool play.  With a mix of new takes on classic nursery rhymes and original songs, this inclusive short-form series is intended for social and emotional learning for the pre-k set. 
  • Heroes Lily, Hugo, Miguel, Izzie and Sam will play the day away movin’ and boppin’ and havin’ a ball to awesome, catchy, repeatable – and sometimes very familiar – songs. With new characters animals and brand-new song styles the second season continues to hold up a magnifying glass to the little things in their life: having a snack, dressing up, drawing with crayons, watching the clouds, or playfully helping their parents (who are always around if not on camera) as best they can.  
  • With music at the heart of BABBLE BOP!, each episode will be constructed around a simple and danceable preschool song, either original or a new take on a beloved nursery rhyme or traditional song. 
  • ImagesHERE 

Executive Producers: Dan Fill and Raja Khanna  
Producer: Christine Thompson  
Directed By: Luke Jurevicius and Tim D.P. Thompson  
Writer: Katherine Stanford  
Produced By: Dark Slope  
Format: Musical, 84 x two-and-a-half-minute original and nursery rhyme songs as well as 7 x 30 minutes 


  • In PRESS START!, a comedy-adventure mash-up, Sunny and his sister Rue are all about the exciting, fast-paced world of “24 KARAT QUEST” video game. Athletic, brave and funny, Super Rabbit Boy is the hero of this fantastical Game-World. When the siblings end up able to play IN the game, their life is flipped upside down. 
  • Across the series, every episode takes place in Sunny and Rue’s “real” world home and in Super Rabbit Boy’s “game” world.
  • Once Sunny or Rue zap themselves into the SRB Game-World, they become part of the quirkiest, coolest, craziest super-hero partnership any kid ever imagined as they team up with the Game-World’s unparalleled guardian, Super Rabbit Boy, to save the SRB Game-World from total destruction by Villain Bosses. In the process, Sunny and Rue become Super Rabbit Boy’s powerful pixilated partners.  
  • PRESS START! is based on the best-selling and award-winning Scholastic book series, “Press Start!” 
  • Of note, the lead characters are of East Indian heritage, which will be reflected in the storytelling, the diverse make-up of the writers room, and the inclusion of other talent participating in the series. 
  • ImagesHERE 

Based on the Press Start! book series written and illustrated by: Thomas Flintham 
Executive Producers: Pierre Sissmann, Dominique Bourse, Karen K. Miller, Scott Kraft   
Story Editor: Scott Kraft  
Produced By: Cyber Group Studios 
Format: Animated CG comedy-adventure, 52 episodes x 11 minutes 


  • Climb in! Power up! Save the day! In TEAM MEKBOTS ANIMAL RESCUE, four animal-loving kids from around the world use their tech skills to create giant Mekbots – each inspired by a different animal. In every adventure, the kids save animals all over the globe and show that teamwork, environmental smarts and compassion make you a hero. Oh, and robotic animal powers help too!
  • Mateo, Kawhi, Mei-Lin and Frost drive the Mekbots. Each Mekbot is a gigantic, stomping mech, styled after an animal. Once the kids are inside, their movements become the Mekbots’ movements, right down to the facial expressions! 
  • TEAM MEKBOTS ANIMAL RESCUE is an animated preschool series that inspires kids to see the outsized good they can do in the world, and how they can be a HUGE help to all living things!   
  • ImagesHERE 

Series Creators: More Minds Studio  
Executive Producer: Rob Hudnut, Mads Munk  
Story Editor: Shane Amsterdam  
Art Director: Steed Sun 
Produced By: M2 Animation, Supervising Producer Marianna Knaze
Format: Animated adventure series, 39 episodes x 7 minutes 


  • DINO POPS, is set in a vivid, hyper-realistic land inhabited by ferocious – and often silly – dinosaurs. While the landscape and dinosaurs may be prehistoric, modern elements familiar to kids, from ice cream cones to race cars, will burst onto the scene and delight viewers. Dino Pops will deliver engaging and easy-to-digest bursts of dinosaur-related information aimed at preschool-aged children.
  • Every episode will showcase different dinosaurs and delve into their traits and attributes. From T-rex to Triceratops, Raptors to Titanosaurs, the secrets of the inhabitants of a very different world will be revealed in hyper realist animation with a twist that makes it a perfect bite sized morsel of funtainment.
  • DINO POPS consulted with the renowned Argentinian Paleontologist Dr. Diego Pol for all dinosaur information and facts. Diego and his team have discovered fossils of over 20 new species of dinosaurs, including the discovery of Bagualia alba. This ten-ton, forty-foot-long, with a ten-foot neck dinosaur, roamed the wilds of Patagonia 179 million years ago and will be making its TV debut on Dino Pops.  
  • ImagesHERE 

Series Creator: Ailing Zubizarreta 
Executive Producers: Maria Benel, Ailing Zubizarreta and Nico Ferrero 
Head Writer: Matt Doyle 
Produced By: Mobius Lab Kids, a Cisneros Media 
Format: Fact Based Educational Series with a POP of color! 13 episodes x 30 minutes, 52 episodes x 5 minutes


  • ABOMINABLE AND THE INVISIBLE CITY is a comedy adventure series that continues the wild and woolly fun of DreamWorks Animation’s Abominable.  Through Everest the yeti, Yi, Jin, and Peng know that there’s a whole magical world out there, and now it’s even closer than they think! When they discover that their surroundings are teeming with magical creatures in need of their help, the kids will set out on extraordinary and heartfelt adventures throughout their city and beyond. 
  • ABOMINABLE AND THE INVISIBLE CITY is based on the hit DreamWorks Animation film, Abominable
  • ImagesHERE 

Executive Producer: Jim Schumann 
Co-Executive Producer: Katherine Nolfi  
Story Editor: Tiffany Lo and Ethel Lung  
Produced by: DreamWorks Animation 
Format: CG Animation 

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