‘Perfect World: A Deadly Game’ debuts on Peacock Network

• What if the video game you played suddenly became real life? And you were up against the clock to stop a killer before he strikes again? That is the premise of the Peacock original docuseries PERFECT WORLD: A DEADLY GAME, which premiered March 8. 

• The two-part docuseries takes viewers inside the world of gaming as a group of friends are alerted to what appears to be a real-life murder. For the next 18 hours they are on the hunt to find out the real identity and location of one of their closest friends who claims to have killed his family and to put an end to his killing spree.  

• Executive Producers: Zak Weisfeld, Libby Richman and Alex Weresow
• Co-Executive Producers: Elizabeth Gibson and Adam Linkenhelt
• Produced By: Lusid Media

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