A+E networks order 200 hours of original content for Home.Made.Nation

A+E Network bolsters its commitment to lifestyle programming commissioning 200 new hours of original content for Home.Made.Nation, a pillar of multi-platform programming that will live across A&E Network, the HISTORY Channel, Lifetime, and FYI. The first tranche of programs will air on A&E, which will expand the Home.Made.Nation block to Sundays and broaden its offerings to include food content. The announcement was made by Rob Sharenow, President of Programming for A+E Networks.

A pioneer of the home flipping and tiny home genres with series like “Flip This House,” “Flipping Vegas,” and “Tiny House Nation,” Home.Made.Nation on A&E builds upon this legacy by creating a destination for all things home. From house flipping to design inspiration, real estate tips, and food, Home.Made.Nation on A&E features an array of programs, including new series from celebrity cook and designer Rachael Ray, and former NFL players and brothers Geoff and Mitchell Schwartz. 

Rachael Ray’s life changed forever when her home and all belongings were burned to the ground in a fire. This inspired Rachael to rebuild her dream home and made her realize how important home is to her. In “Rachael Ray’s Renovation Rescue (working title),” Rachael helps families recover from similar tragedies – not just renovating and remodeling, but picking up and moving forward as they rebuild their lives and create the forever home of their dreams. “Rachael Ray’s Renovation Rescue (working title)” is produced by Intentional Content in production with Six West Media™.

Rachael Ray headlines a second series for FYI, “Rachael Ray’s Italian Dream Home.” The series follows television personality, celebrity cook and designer Rachael Ray as she realizes her lifelong dream of owning and renovating a forever home in Tuscany, a place that holds special meaning for Rachael and her husband John. It’s been over two years since the two have been able to visit the site, and the anticipation of starting the work on the historic site is building. The restoration of the villa is fraught with challenges, complete with a looming deadline to bring Rachael’s vision for her home to reality: she needs the home to be finished in time for her anniversary party. “Rachael Ray’s Italian Dream Home” is produced by Intentional Content for FYI. 

A&E jumps into the food ring with “Food Fight,” a fun, new competition series hosted by brothers and former NFL players Geoff and Mitchell Schwartz who travel across the country in search of America’s fiercest restaurant rivalries. They’ll meet the locals, sample the dishes and help settle these food feuds once and for all. Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, or Birmingham, Alabama, it really doesn’t matter where you go in the U.S., our two favorite pastimes are eating and competing, and they’re not mutually exclusive. But talk is cheap and the only way to be considered the best is by knocking your opponent out of the ring (or Kitchen). “Food Fight” is produced by the Six West Media™ and Category 6 Media™ group for A&E.

Premiering March 12th is A&E’s newest entry to the flipping genre, “Flipping Down South.” Real estate is on fire in America, and nowhere is hotter than the South. With a ton of affordable homes on the market, savvy investors are flipping their way across the southern states. “Flipping Down South” follows three young entrepreneurs who are heading up Birmingham, Alabama’s fastest growing flipping business. They see dollar signs where others see dumps, focusing on houses most people wouldn’t touch. Buying many of their flips for under $10,000, they turn eyesores into dream homes. But their mission is about more than making money—all three investors come from working class roots, and they aim to keep their flips affordable, while still building a booming business when they are. “Flipping Down South” is produced by the Six West Media™ and Category 6 Media™ group for A&E.

Currently airing on Saturdays is “50/50 Flip,” featuring husband and wife team, Krystal and Dedric Polite who use their 50/50 Flip Strategy to maximize their profits, renovating a home with less than $50K in under 50 days. These real estate investors have flipped the flipping business in Burlington, North Carolina as they transform homes in the area Krystal and her family grew up in and currently reside. To them it’s about creating affordable housing for everyone and not allowing a big developer to come in and outprice their hometown. Family is everything and by investing back in the community they also want to create generational wealth that they can build and leave to their two young boys and their kids’ kids. “50/50 Flip” is produced by the Six West Media™ and Category 6 Media™ group for A&E.

Take a peek at some of the most interesting and exciting tiny spaces with “Living Smaller.” Over the past two years, the housing market has changed completely, and people are looking to create innovative ways to maximize their space no matter the size. The tiny living community is no different. Cities across the country have moved to change laws to allow accessory dwellings on properties that have opened the door for more unique tiny homes.  From tiny homes, to R.Vs. to Airstreams and beyond “Living Smaller” celebrates the ingenious ways people have taken on the challenge of living small. “Living Smaller” is produced by the Six West Media™ and Category 6 Media™ group for A&E. 

“My $100K House” follows the journeys of families who buy and completely renovate a house without spending more than $100K, including the purchase of the house. We will be along for the ride as these families see how far their $100K can get them and if their gamble paid off. “My $100K House” is produced by the Six West Media™ and Category 6 Media™ group for A&E. 

Fan favorite “Zombie House Flipping” returns on March 5th with all new episodes. When a house has been left for dead, the Zombie House Flippers bring it back to life.  Operating in Orlando, Florida, this three-person group of Justin Stamper, Ashlee Casserly, and Keith Ori has made a name for itself flipping rotting, abandoned properties – “zombie houses” – into beautifully remade homes for top dollar.  Each episode shows the inner workings of this high-stakes world full of unexpected disasters, hidden costs, and quirky personalities that only Florida can provide. With budgets tight and timelines short, it’s a mad scramble to finish these flips and make bank for the team. “Zombie House Flipping” is produced by Lionsgate’s Pilgrim Media Group.

Returning for a second season is the new hit series, “Triple Digit Flip.” Some people make money flipping houses, but Jamil Damji, Pace Morby and their team have one goal: make every project a triple digit flip. Each episode, follows Jamil, his best friend and flipper Pace, his project manager and big sister Rahima Blaza, and real estate agent Laura Morby, who is also Pace’s wife, as they flip houses all over the Phoenix area. From living rooms overflowing with trash, to backyards in desperate need of renovation, to houses that are full gut jobs, there isn’t a project Jamil, Pace and their team can’t handle. With the real estate market in Phoenix on fire, they have to work quickly and smartly on every house to try and accomplish their goal. But at the end of the project, the big question remains…will this be a TRIPLE DIGIT FLIP? “Triple Digit Flip” is produced by the Six West Media™ and Category 6 Media™ group for A&E.

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